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Franklin & Franklin specialises in interior, architectural and product photography, based in London. Established in 2015, the husband and wife duo, Julian Franklin and Tracie Franklin have developed a strong client base of leading international developers, designers and makers, for whom they work both nationally and internationally.


Beginning as a landscape photographer in 2005, lead photographer Julian developed his skill through study and experience, expanding his portfolio latterly into the design and architectural industry. The precision and patience accrued through photographing the tempestuous natural world now enables Julian to capture single beautiful moments, that embody perfect light and framing, with mastery and ease. Coming from a 20-year career in the creative industries, Tracie is an accomplished second-shooter and offers expert styling and art direction, when working with the clients, to ensure the finest portrayal of their design work.


We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and develop the visual tone of photography that captures both the story behind the project and the essence of their brand from the outset. Julian and Tracie take great care to capture the meticulous attention to detail their clients have invested their work.


As a family business, we also focus on developing relationships with our clients that ensure a relaxed and enjoyable working process, giving clients confidence and a sense of ownership in the photography we create together.


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